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Product code: PROCTO 03

Proctology Examination Table

Manual fixed height couch for rectoscopy, urology and proctology with Backrest,
Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg regulation by handel press control. High
density foam mattress upholstered with high quality vinlex which is cleanable with
disinfectants. Knee supports are height adjustable and rotatable. Grip handle on
each side are available. Towel holder on backrest for towel.

Type of backrest : Adjustable by gas spring
Armrests:  Arms support platform sliding on guides
Feet: Adjustable feet for stability on uneven surfaces
Leg section:  Adjustable footrest to 90º
Knee support platform with height regulation
Special positions:  Trendelenburg
Rules and security:  The European safety regulation

CE marking product. Made in Turkey
Type of frame:  1 column
Lifting capacity : 200 kg
Material: Steel tube coated with an epoxy powder coating and
oven-baked at 180ºC

Type of motor: Manual
Functionalities by leveler system: Footrest
Gas spring functionalities: Trendelenburg, Backrest
Type of height:  Fixed

Length: 180 cm
Width: 60 cm
Height 85 cm

Optional product:
PROCTO 04 - electrical height adjustment, backrest, tr-anti tr by gas spring,
PROCTO 05 – fully electrical, backrest, tr-anti tr, height adjustment by motor.
Color chart: Red, Navy Blue, Burnt orange, Black




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