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Product code: ST 01 MOBIL LUX


ST 01 MOBIL LUX First aid stretcher
Our ST 01 MOBIL F&F first aid stretcher, which we designed user-oriented, is two-piece, fixed height, with a folding upper platform.

ST 01 MOBIL F&F model stretcher is an economical design that easily meets basic first aid, mobilization and transfer operations.

It is the most widely used model of the stretcher group, which can be used in field hospitals in many different sports domain, difficult natural grounds, work places, Elderly care homes and all Health institutions.

ST 01 MOBIL F&F can be used in extreme sports conditions and war zones, ie on sloped and natural grounds, thanks to its detachable upper platform. At the same time, with this feature, it facilitates the transfer of the patient to another stretcher or bed and the removal of the patient from the floor or surface.


ST 01 MOBIL F&F provides patient safety at the highest level thanks to its seatbelts, while its steel construction lower trolley and 125mm 360 degree swivel castors with two brakes can be used in Professional areas and artificial floors

ST 01 MOBIL F&F With its foldable upper platform, it can be attached to the back pack or carried by hand in natural conditions.

ST 01 MOBIL F&F In cases where the head of the patient needs to be kept high during first aid, it provides a vital and basic function with its (5-gradual) adjustable back section.

• The sleeping platform can be folded and separated.
• The lying surface can be wiped, liquid-proof. 610 Den PVC laminated
special fabric
• Configurable (redesignable) structure
• Rich accessory options can be integrated in to ST 01 MOBIL
• Economic
• Easyto use in harsh natural condition sand battle fields.
• Folding upper platform
• Clean and smooth appearance
• Strong and durable structure made of steel profile
• Mobilized (with mobility)
• Big savings in transportation and storage
• Maximum patient safety thanks to seat belts
Dimensions 200 x 65 cm
Height 66 cm
Weight 20 kg
Working Load 100 KG.

Standard Accessories


Optional Accessory

  • Tube handling
  • IV pole
  • Basket
  • Safety Belt



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