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Product code: MCB150

MCB150 Single Crank Adjusment Manual Bed

MCB150 Single Crank Adjusment Manual Bed

PP (ABS) fold-away side railed beds with single crank adjustment of backrest, fixed height. Equipped with detachable PP (ABS) head and foot boards for hygiene purpose. The side rails come with soft-drop mechanism. It's suitable to meet basic care needs of patients in need. The bed to be controlled by caregivers for short and long term.

Suggested area of use : Home Care, Hospitals, Nursing

Patients can experince an ideal sitting position with adjustment of backrest to 0-70°, therefore activities like eating, using bedpan, watching tv, reading book or using laptop to be done comfortably. 

Side Rails: Fold-away PP side rails developed to provide comfortable getting in and exiting of the bed and safe recovery as they get the full length side covered. Its stable constuction and ergonomic holding points help patients to exit beds easily and safely. It contains 2 parts of side rail on each side, can be controlled seperately.  It's developed for those having problem while sitting and getting up as well as providing full safety against risk of falling out . It moves up and down smoothly thanks to its gas spring mechanism and "soft drop" feature. While It is up ward position, make sure it's clicked and locked with its automatic lock mechanism. It includes angle indicator on side rails, you can adjust the backrest to desired position considering situation of the patient on bed. The PP side rails are washable, autoclavable, resistance to cleaning chemicals, light-weight, durable and minimized risk of injuries thanks to smooth finishes. Overall, the bed has appearance of professional and top-level use.
Head and Foot Panels: Made of polypropylene ( PP ) medical grade plastic for hygen and cleaning purpose. Washable, autoclavable and resistance to cleaning chemicals.  They are designed as detachable for emergency intervenes as well as making up the bed. Height of the panels is 33,5 cm from mattress platform.The boards easily fit on sockets placed at four corner of the bed.
Options: MCB150 category offers optional package standards as follow:
Mattress Platform: 2 sectional beds, one is adjustable backrest to 0-70°, another one is fixed section. Mattress platform has wide lying area as 85cm width and 190cm lenght for a comfortable recovery
Mattress Platform covers (deck), It is presented in wide range for your needs. Please mention your choice while ordering the bed. All covers have different advantages
Painting and Coating : Construction and frame surfaces are coated with epoxy powder paint at high degree ovens. Durability, resistance to scratching and smooth surface at high quality is under guarantee. Therefore, It keeps the look like the first day. Eco-friendly smooth surfaces help you take care of your beds at ease.
Construction (Body) : Made of steel construction. With gas metal arch welding technique, It provides strong and durable body.
Additional Option: Legs and boards of our beds are demountable, therefore It ensures maximum use of space during storage and transportation. There is space under beds needed for placing lifts and overbed tables.
Adjustment Control : Adjustments made via hand crank control. Beds equiped with mechanism that helps caregivers adjusting the bed smoothly and in silence. Cranks gears have self-lock system. Hand cranks can be foldable and hidden while not in use. That prevents injuries from accidental and unwanted hits.
Mobilisation: If you need to move a patient with the bed, then It is a must to equip beds with castors. Especially for hospitals the mobility of beds is the basic need, yet for home care use we provide options for the beds to be without castors. Also more cost-effective option, beds without castors can be a good choice.
Breaking ( Locking): Beds equipped with castors can be selected as diagonal lock.
Protection Bumpers: They are placed at the four corner of our beds for protections againts to walls and important equipments from undesired hits during the mobilisation.  The bumpers are 360° degree rotatable, 120mm diameter and made of soft material.
Universal Brackets : They are placed at the four corner of our beds for accessories needed during the recovery of patients. Espacially for accessories such as IV pole, Oxygen tube, lifting pole and so on. It provides ease of using accesories without any mess.
Mattress Holders: For beds with adjustment ability, It prevents the mattress from sliding. They are installed on back rest and foot rest, thus regardless in which position the bed is, the mattress sticks with the platform.
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